Free SSL Certificate for your website/blog ?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer . Which helps your information from the browser to securely  transfer the server without anyone sniffing in the middle of the connection. It creates a encrypted link between browser and the server.

Here’s a question coming in your mind, how do i get the certificate for free over the internet?

The answer to the above question is:-


Click on the above link it will open a website asking you to enter your website name. Enter the website name. You can add website name with subdomain name also giving space after every domain name (e.g it will ask you about the manual verification or active FTP verification. Choose FTP verification and enter the details of the FTP account of the hosting and don’t put anything in the folder option ¬†. It will create a certificate below you can download the certificate and create a username and password for the renewing easily.Now open Cpanel -> ssl manager and choose the domain and below paste the certificate (top box) from the SSLFORFREE into the cpanel and click on the left autofill by certificate.


  • For the subdomains in FTP verification you have to enter the folder of the subdomain not of the website like for subdomain “” you have to enter “public_html/blog”.
  • The validity of the certificate is for 90 days don’t forget to renew the certificate before it expires otherwise the website will not be able to access.

We have also upgraded to ssl connection for free. Thanks to SSLFORFREE for providing the ssl certificate.


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