College [level 1]

I really hate the books like maths, chemistry, physics and etc. but liked the books related to the computer’s….

My branch was Computer Science & Information Technology i don’t want to go for the Computer Science Engineering.

My concentration is more on computer’s then on anything other than that it’s good on other hand not having any kind of addiction in bad habbit. It was the first time i have been introduced to linux in my life, previously ¬†what i knew was the only operation system that existed is windows.

Then the interest was grown to learn more and more from that….. I have been to the linux lab for only 3 times i guess but not visited ever again . Eventually i have passed that lab don’t know why. The teacher who was teaching the subject was our HOD .

Days passed by i started to concentrate on things related to computer more and learning more and more as i had less friends in the college apart form the 3 roommates i had in my room.

Joined the club in the college “TechHack” founded by Dinesh Pattnaik and Alok Ranjan. They motivated me much more than anything else. So started teaching in the club slowly. ¬†Finally the level 1 of the college was ended…..


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